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        更新時間:2020-02-13 來源:實用英語








          To have a dream is the right of everyone.

          From childhood, I didn't know how many dreams I had, such as doctors, teachers, staff and so on, but these were not my interests. Not long ago, I found it -- my dream. Originally, my dream is to be one.

          When I saw her idol showing the real picture to the people, she admired her in the heart, she thought, if one day, I could also make people enjoy my value like that, that would be great!

          I also know that when star is a very difficult task, it will take a lot of effort and lots of hard work to make up it, but I believe that as long as others can do it, I can also.

          I have been looking for my idea of acting great drama, I found, I very love this drama, because it triggered my feelings, in the drama of the sad scene, the actors put it vividly interpretation, very true, I also put down the cold face, intoxicated in which.

          Before, I always think, watching TV will see why tears, those who think "too rich" emotion, when I can, a contemptuous disregard, in which, I can feel the charm of it, let me on it so strengthened sit up and take notice, my dream.

          I believe that everyone has their own dreams, so we have to achieve our dreams through our own efforts, so that we can try to live without regret. Believe me: having a dream is the right of everyone.


          When I was a child, I loved teachers. His love of selfless dedication, take leave of his love. One day, I also became a teacher. The seeds of knowledge are sown in the school.

          When I grew up, I did a teacher. In the face of the flowers of the motherland, the future of the world. I am confused and I wander.

          The pursuit of dreams is a journey of happiness and a test of life. In the vast ocean of knowledge I draw and struggle. Once again and again the test, again and again the failure. My dream never gave up.

          Finally one day, I succeeded, and became a teacher. But why? I walk on the starting line of the education, work hard and go forward. Chasing a dream that belongs to your own.

          The dream of life is only the beginning, no end. The road is rough, life is long, I will never stop the pursuit of my dream!



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