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          My winter vacation was made up of a happy day, but the day of my happiest day was the day of the new year.

          Early in the morning, every household began to stick to the couplet, hanging lanterns, and in a moment the red and red fire was everywhere, and the celebration of the new year was displayed everywhere. The big red lanterns are like big pomegranates, and they are laughing to greet the new year.

          Although it was sunny outside, there was a burst of thunder. Oh, the original is someone in the shooting, with the flash across the light from heaven, deafening, resounded through the whole city. Gunfire, laughing to greet the new year.

          The people living in a bungalow, the chimney has been wafting wisps of smoke, rice flavor, meat flavor, food flavor, taste, and smell, people can not help but unable to hide greeds. The aroma is laughing and greeting the new year.

          As night fell, the sky red gradually disappeared, the sky becomes like deep water, blue, flawless, ground lit, suddenly gunfire sounded the sky, the sky was dotted with fireworks. The firecrackers on the ground were ringing, the children laughed and the people were busy. People laugh to greet the new year.

          This evening, the old man to cherish the time is staying-up late on new year's Eve, for young people, in order to give parents staying-up late on new year's Eve, yanshou. In addition to hold the child, to staying-up late on new year's eve. Eat dumplings before, let the gods a fresh taste, knock three head, want cheap peace and reunion. On the second morning, when people wake up most of their sleep, the first thing to do is to call the relatives and friends who cannot connect with each other, and then send the whole family to new year's call.

          The happy new year was spent in laughter and blessings.



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