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          第一篇:My First Day of New Year

          At the first day of New Year, I was so excited that I got up very early in the morning. But Mother was earlier than me, and she had gotten the breakfast ready. Dumplings, that's my favourite. After the wonderful breakfast, I left home with my parents to visit our relatives. On the way, I said "Happy New Year" to everyone that I met and they all said that back to me. Everyone is happy and friendly. In my relatives' house, they prepared many sweets and snacks for visitors. They are all very delicious. The more exciting thing was that I got some money from my relatives. I had a fine day in my relatives' family.

          My first day of New Year was very happy. It was a good start, and I would try my best to make this happiness last for the whole year.

          第二篇:Happy new year

          Today is new year's day.all the children put on their new clothes. i happily put on my new clothes and visit my friends.

          we are all very happy.because our new clothes are very nice and we get some new year's gifts.

          i 'm happy all the day.now,i want to say loudly:"new year is happy!""i wish all the people happy new year!".


          Chinese new yearchinese new year is a chinese traditional festival. we also call it the spring festival. it is on lunar january 1st.on new year’s eve, all the people sit around the desk and have a big family dinner. there are some vegetables, some fish, some meat, some fruits and some drink like juice, coke, pepsi and some nice wine. overall, this is a good and delicious dinner. after dinner, we always watch tv new year progammes. we have a wonderful evening on new year’s eve.on the first day of the spring festival, most of people get up early and say “happy new year” to each other. for breakfast, people often eat dumplings and baozi.

          After breakfast, people often make many delicious foods, and children often play cards, computer games and fireworks. on the second and third day, we visit friends and relatives.everyone is busy on chinese new year, and everyone is happy, too.



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